Sugar Free, Dairy Free “Ice Cream”

The weather is warming up, I can feel summer in the air so yesterday I was inspired to make some delicious ice cream for a good friend.  I have posted a healthy dairy ice cream recipe here but yesterday I needed something sweet & ice cream – like fast. There was no time to churn it all up in an ice cream machine.  The best part of all about this recipe (apart from how amazingly decadent it tastes) is how easy and accessible it is to make.  So here’s my sugar free, dairy free, healthy ice cream recipe

2 frozen bananas – it’s a good idea to use well ripened ones as they are sweeter in taste

1 frozen mango cheek

2 tablespoons of coconut cream

Small amount of water if needed for consistency.

Blend all together until smooth.  Serve immediately.

You can use any type of frozen fruit you like and play around with flavours – banana is the best base I have found.  If you like/tolerate dairy, you could also substitute yoghurt or cream.  This ice cream can also be frozen but needs to sit for  a while to soften before serving.


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