I’m now 6 months in to COMPLETELY pain free periods!

I reached out to Sarah because I hoped that I could heal my hormonal imbalances naturally and knew I needed support in doing so. Over the few years prior to working with her, I had been trying to understand where my pain was coming from, eventually being told I had endometriosis and then my OB found a large ovarian cyst, which had then regrown after pregnancy.

Not wanting to go back to hormonal birth control, which I believe masked the symptoms and got me in this position in the first place and back in a lot of pain — I had tried everything that I had researched in order to feel better and reduce the cyst. My worst pains gave me headaches, nausea, extreme cramps, and dizziness. I was already a fairly healthy and holistic lifestyle. I’d worked briefly with other naturopaths/health coaches and they all gave me loads of supplements.

Sarah worked with me to make small changes bit by bit, and understand some things that I had previously thought were healthy, were actually causing excess estrogen, and how I could instead help my body to clean this out. Though it is important to be consistent, she also helped me through leaving the all or nothing mentality and was always available for questions or concerns. I’m now at 6 months with COMPLETELY pain free periods. I was expecting to have to wait longer to see the results, but even just after 2 months I started feeling better.

To a friend who is thinking of booking an appointment but isn’t sure: I would say that it doesn’t hurt to book the first call and see if you connect and hear from Sarah how she believes she can help you. You shouldn’t live in pain and you don’t have to, there is another way. I learned so much. Sarah knows much more than what you can research on your own — and knows how to make it work for you and your individual concerns. She is worth much more than she’s asking for and spending time with her was a pleasure.
– Kathryn

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