Helping me to be as Healthy as Possible

I came to see Sarah as she was recommended by a few different health professionals I was seeing. I had been  struggling for many years with severe digestive issues which included feeling constantly bloated and uncomfortable. I’d always had hormonal imbalances and had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for a few years. I intuitively felt like all of my issues were related to my gut and if I could help this, everything else would improve.
Shortly after starting to work with Sarah I found myself pregnant which was a pleasant surprise. So our sessions pivoted to pregnancy care. My pregnancy journey was not easy and Sarah supported me through all of the challenges, I hate to think how bad it would have been if I wasn’t doing the things we implemented. I felt really  supported and more confident knowing I was doing the best I could to support my body and ultimately my baby through good nutrition and healthy habits. Now Sarah is supporting me in the post partum period so I can be as healthy as possible and so can my baby boy.

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