I Am So Much More Resilient and Happy Now

Testimonial describing success in coaching with Sarah Hopkins

Before I met Sarah, I was struggling with:

  • energy dips
  • sleep problems,
  • menstrual cycle issues,
  • feeling hungry most of the day and snacking,
  • difficulty recovering from exercise,
  • variable moods, and
  • difficulty staying motivated to make changes that I wanted.


With Sarah’s wisdom, support and knowledge I was able to:

  • maintain good energy throughout the day,
  • get more quality sleep,
  • normalize my menstrual cycle,
  • manage my hunger really well,
  • make changes in my exercise routines and recover more quickly,
  • become more resilient and manage my moods better, and
  • start to become the person consistent with my vision.


I am grateful to Sarah for giving me the gift of COURAGE to make the changes to live more consistent with my truth. She has strength and wisdom as well as a great sense of humour about life. Thanks, Sarah!

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