Losing 7 kilos was a Bonus

When I reached out to Sarah, I was feeling exhausted.  I was struggling to get through the everyday things I needed to do and had noticed a significant decline in my fitness (for no apparent reason).  I discovered that I was extremely low in iron and whilst a transfusion made me feel much better, I intuitively felt like there was more I could do to improve my energy and I didn’t want to rely on regular iron transfusions.  The process with Sarah was relatively easy and after adjusting to the dietary and lifestyle recommendations she suggested, I noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels.  My blood iron levels have also stabilized without a transfusion.  I’m back running again with ease and recently completed a half marathon, even my periods are better than they’ve ever been!  I’ve also lost 7kg without even trying, we didn’t even have that down as a goal but I’m happy with that extra bonus.  Thank you Sarah
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