My Anxiety Has Disappeared and I Feel The Best I Have In Years!

healthy happy testimonial

For some time I had been seeking answers to a more balanced life in work and family and dealing with the stresses of modern life. I considered myself to be in the top 10% of healthy lifestyle and fitness for my age of 57 years but stress of business was leading to anxiety and depression. I went to see Sarah with an open mind hoping to get a fresh approach to my concerns.

From the outset at my first consultation many of my beliefs and conditioning were turned upside down with Sarah giving me some simple and very logical views and answers to the root of my health issues. For the first time in years I have begun to enjoy eating good healthy nutritional food again and not be concerned with not eating a wholesome meal for fear of putting on weight and increasing health risks. She addressed my stresses both from environment , conditioning and stress that certain food have on my body . The results were almost instant but also subtle with anxiety and stresses decreasing and beginning to be a happy person again. My relationship with my Wife has also improved immensely owing to having a good look at the way I approach life and reassign my values.

I feel all of us would benefit from the techniques that Sarah teaches and coaches. There are a lot of myths out there and we could all do with the enlightening.

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