Sleeping Well After 20 Years of Insomnia


I embarked on sessions with gorgeous Sarah some 12 months ago predominantly to address and seek assistance with insomnia. For the last twenty years I cannot recall a time where I slept soundly for a consistent time frame without the use of prescription medication. I had until recently become totally dependent on sleeping pills. Throughout the years I have tried a number of alternatives such as hypnotherapy, kinesiology, acupuncture, meditation, online apps, and diet restrictions but with no success. I had almost resigned myself that to the fact that I was to survive on approximately 3-4 hours sleep a night.

My current work situation (FIFO roster / 28:28) is unusual in that I live in two different worlds. My sessions with Sarah commenced with small steps, which have included adjusting my diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.  Sarah has provided me with strategies to assist with my sleeping problems taking into consideration life in Perth and on site.

My previous eating habits were quite good so the small steps I have had to make to eliminate and reduce foods such as sugar, wheat, alcohol and the like has not been too difficult. Sarah has been able to provide me a wealth of knowledge regarding food combinations and suggestions plus options for sourcing produce. She has also helped me in regards to my food choices on site, which is a daily challenge.

Exercise has been a different matter and took some time to get my head around. I have been a daily ‘cardio junkie’ for a number of years. Sarah suggested that I cut back on my exercise, to the point that I almost didn’t do anything due to the fact that my adrenal system was fatigued and that the amount of exercise I was undertaking would be impacting on my cortisol levels. Of course, the thought of this freaked me out! It was quite a challenge and a mind shift for me, however with Sarah’s ongoing support, suggestions and assistance, I have managed to reduce my cardio sessions and have commenced looking at alternative exercise such as walking outdoors (vitamin D hit), yoga sessions and weight training.

Another challenge for me centred around the use of electronic devices. Sarah suggested a reduction in the usage of these devices in the evenings plus a removal of some items from the sleep environment. A return to the old fashioned novel has returned to my life and the dependence on multiple tablet devices is diminishing.

I have recently embarked on my second detox with Sarah’s support and assistance. I am extremely ecstatic to say that I have slept (approx. 6 hours per night) for the last 14 nights, free from medication. It is such an amazing feeling to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. I feel like a different person! I truly believe that without Sarah’s ongoing encouragement and coaching that this would not have been possible. I still have some ways to go with regards to my sleeping on site however this is an ongoing journey.

Sarah has a wealth of knowledge regarding overall health and wellness. She is truly focused on the whole person and with assisting the individual with outcomes for the betterment of their well-being. One of the most cherished aspects of my time with Sarah is the openness and honesty that I can share with her without judgment. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be guided and coached by Sarah and will continue to do so. I would, without a doubt, recommend Sarah to anyone wishing to address aspects of their health and well-being. Sarah is an absolute Angel. Thank you Sarah!

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