We’ve Lost Over 50 kgs as a Family

When I first started seeing Sarah my goal was to improve my health and wellbeing. Never would I have imaged the impact this would have on my family.  With Sarah’s help my mindset about food changed completely. The highly processed, high carb foods I used to dish up were out for me and as I am the one that does the shopping and cooking in our family this meant it was out for everyone else.

My 22 year old son had tipped the scales at 120 kilos, the heaviest he had ever been. To date he has lost a massive 25 kilos and now weighs 95 kilos. He looks and feels incredible!

My mum has also lost weight, just over 10 kilos. Mum was doing lite n easy for 3 months with very little results. When she saw the results I was having she quit lite n easy, started eating what I was eating, lost 10 kilos and saved herself $130 a week. Between the three of us we have lost over 50 kilos thanks to Sarah.

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