I Finally Feel Balanced

I was laying in bed late one night in frustration and stress about my gut health. I had tried many ways to follow a balanced lifestyle but as a result turned to be tiring and repetitive from restrictive calorie counting, … Read More

I’m So Happy I Feel So Much Better

When I came to see Sarah I was feeling anxious, exhausted, sick and in pain most days. I’d always been sensitive to food and had tried a gluten-free and dairy free diet for a while, which worked well for me, … Read More

I just feel so much better and even younger.

When I first came to see Sarah my body was in a state of constant pain.  I would wake every morning feeling as if I had done a rigorous workout the day prior.  I was exhausted, had chronic GERD and … Read More

I Feel I Have My Life Back Again

When I first came to see Sarah, I was at the lowest point of my life health wise.  I had lost a lot of energy, felt exhausted all the time and couldn’t even participate in my beloved boot camp anymore.  … Read More

In Six Months I Have Turned My Life Around

Before I came to Sarah my mood and energy were so low, I was beginning to feel depressed, I didn’t feel healthy, and continuing weight gain had become a concern. Within 6 months my life has turned around. I’ve lost … Read More

Healed From Chronic Gut Issues

“I was referred to Sarah by a very trusted friend who had similar symptoms to me, saw my frustration at my existing treatment and who ultimately received outstanding treatment. I had a digestive issue relating to a trip to Indonesia … Read More

I Had A Dream Pregnancy And Empowering Birth

Sarah, I had a dream pregnancy and an empowering birth! I ‘hypnobirthed’ him vaginally and drug-free. He came out alert and seeking my breast to feed. He is a healthy baby and thriving. I am recovering well too. I honestly … Read More

Finally Conceived After 12 Months of Trying

  I first came to see Sarah after unsuccessfully trying to conceive our first child for over a year.  I had just been diagnosed with severe endometriosis and was told by doctors that it would be difficult for us to conceive, even with … Read More

Giving Myself the Best Chance to Grow a Healthy Baby

I first met Sarah when I attended one of her Fertility workshops. It was such an eye-opener for me and strongly highlighted the importance of pre-conception health and preparation. I decided to work with Sarah one on one to really … Read More

My Miracle Rainbow Pregnancy

When I first booked in to see Sarah in mid-2017, I had endured three miscarriages, seen a number of obstetricians and fertility specialists, and had numerous tests done. Yet we had no answers as to why my miscarriages had occurred … Read More