6 Hour Braised Brisket

Slow cooked Brisket

I love nutrient dense food that’s easy to prepare. That’s why I absolutely love my slow cooker.  The benefits of slow cooked foods are becoming more widely acknowledged and this is particularly true in relation to meat.  Eating meat that has been cooked at high temperatures can create a toxic environment internally which increases inflammation throughout the body.  This can ultimately contribute to many health conditions.  Slow cooking meat not only ensures an optimal retention of nutrients but is also a fantastic way to save time and prepare something that tastes like you’ve slaved over it for hours.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with different cuts of meat and this recipe is one such example.  Brisket is a less popular cut of meat often favoured in Asian countries as part of their noodle soups or curries.   Brisket is perfect for long slow cooking and when prepared correctly yields soft, tender, fall apart meat that is mouth wateringly good.

6 Hour Braised Brisket


  • 1 x Brisket (mine was 500g)
  • l beef stock
  • Red wine
  • 3 stalks celery
  • 4 bay leaves
  • 3 carrots

Place brisket in slow cooker (or deep roasting pan) and cover with 2 parts beef stock to 1 part red wine (I added 500ml of stock & 250 ml of red wine). Add sauteed celery and chopped carrot and bay leaves. Season, cover with lid and slowly braise in the slowcooker on low for 6 hours (or in the oven at 130 degrees, rotating at 3 hours).

After 6 hours the meat will be sticky and gelatinous. Remove from liquid and cut to serve.  The remaining liquid can be used as a jus.  Serve with cauliflower or sweet potato mash and the slow cooked veges from the pot.

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