Delicious paleo muesli with coconut, blueberries, pecans and apple

As most of my followers will attest to, I LOVE instagram.  I’m forever posting photos of my food on there and sometimes (not very often) other things of interest.  I love how visual it is, I love checking out what other cool people that I follow do/like/eat.  I also get a lot of inspiration from my favourite social medium…and this particular recipe was inspired by a man I follow called Wolveagle.  His version is slightly different to mine because I found it a little too sweet but I’m going to give you a few variations so you can choose which one suits your tastes.  That’s the best thing about this “muesli” there are no hard and fast rules so experiment with different fruit/nut combinations.

Paleo Muesli

1 apple

1 handful of pecans

1 handful of goji berries

1 handful of shredded coconut

1 dessert spoon of coconut oil (optional)

De – core apple and chop into pieces, add date (de-seeded), almonds, coconut and oil and blend in a food processor for a few seconds or until it has a muesli consistency.

Serve with yoghurt, coconut cream, raw cream or just alone.

Serves 2

Variations – Blueberries, almonds and coconut.  Apple, date, almond, coconut. Apple, apricot, macadamia, coconut.  There are loads more combinations that would work, just experiment a little with what flavours and consistencies work for you.