A Healthy Pregnancy for a Healthy Baby


I started seeing Sarah after experiencing an unexpected miscarriage late last year. After always considering myself fit and healthy, it came as quite a shock and although it is common, I wanted to seek advice to ensure I was doing everything I could to prepare my body for carrying a baby. I immediately knew Sarah was the right person for me – her values in terms of nutrition were similar to mine and her knowledge base was amazing. We implemented some small changes each session so it was never overwhelming, what was surprising was although I am passionate about seeking information myself regarding healthy living, how much I had been misguided by mainstream ideas regarding food. I discovered I was pregnant on my third session and Sarah was amazing at explaining how my nutrition needs had now changed and guiding me through the entire pregnancy (I am now 32 weeks pregnant with a very healthy baby!). Mostly, Sarah helped me navigate the “noise” surrounding pregnancy – both from those around me and also from google (which I have since discovered even accredited articles don’t necessarily have the best information!). Everything Sarah implemented she explained the reasoning and really helped me to feel confident that I am doing everything to prepare my body for growing and ultimately birthing a healthy baby boy. Thank you, Sarah, for your time, knowledge and genuine interest in myself and my health. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who was on a journey to start a family, we invest so much in the best for our children in prams, car seats and so many materialistic items – this was a small investment by comparison which will impact the health outcomes of my child for the rest of his life and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn so much from Sarah

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