I Have So Much Energy

Testimonial describing success in coaching with Sarah Hopkins

I stumbled across Sarah last year as I was feeling really lost and deflated with my weight and balancing out my hormones. I had no idea what I was doing wrong and why my body wasn’t responding well to methods I had already approached in the past. I thought I already lived a relatively healthy lifestyle, but my gosh, was I wrong!! I found myself in a bad place with food as I just had no idea what to do anymore, especially having kids and being sleep deprived, and feeling out of it completely. Sarah didn’t muck around, she implemented changes immediately and very carefully to make sure my body responded well. Sarah monitored everything, from my food to sleep to absolutely everything in between- this is when I knew Sarah was going to change my life for good! I couldn’t believe how much toxins we are surrounded by, or how so many food labels promoted “health”, when in fact, they did nothing but cause harm to your body and environment. Sarah also helped me identify foods that didn’t respond well to my gut, or would cause me issues, which I never even really thought much of.

Since seeing Sarah, I have so much more energy, my gut health is functioning well, I’ve lost weight, I feel more confident and I’ve successfully gone back to the gym without putting any stress on my body or hormones. This has definitely been one of the best investments for my health, my husband now even comments on some ingredients, and questions whether they are safe or not, not only did Sarah help me, but she has also helped my husband learn more about food and health- through me!! I still have a journey ahead of me, but Sarah has given me all the tools to reach my goals, I am confident I will achieve them.

If you are looking at changing your life, regardless of your health issue, don’t hesitate to see Sarah. Sarah is honestly a miracle worker, and her knowledge is admirable. She can tackle any issue regarding health! Thanks again Sarah for transforming my life, I am forever grateful.

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