I No Longer Purge and Have a Healthy Relationship with Food


One day while scrolling through my Instagram procrastinating writing my thesis I stumbled upon Sarah’s account. This led me to her website and to read about her history and the difficulties she had overcome. I was struggling with a case of binging which lead to purging. I found myself in this position after losing 10kgs about a year ago. When I lost that weight I was being so strict with my eating that I didn’t allow myself any ‘treats’. Once my weightloss started to plateau and I found I was maintaining a weight I was happy with I began to treat myself. However, I was so worried about putting the weight on that after eating those bad foods I found myself purging. This has been the case for almost a year – until I met Sarah.

Sarah slowly introduced new concepts to me and better ways of eating. Having been a vegetarian for most of my life lunch/dinner meals were vegetables and some form of carbohydrates. Sarah encouraged me to add more protein and good fats to my diet which helps keep me fuller for longer, as well as to eat a gluten free lifestyle. Sarah also taught me some relaxation techniques that I do each day that helps bring stress levels down. In my sessions I learnt a lot about myself and about some of the additional reasons I may have found myself in the position I was in, just by talking to Sarah. Without Sarah’s help I couldn’t imagine where my health would have ended up. I no longer purge and have a healthy relationship with food that I have been searching for for a number of years.

If you are thinking about seeing Sarah I highly recommend getting in contact with her. Whether you are going to see her for a specific health difficulty or to improve your general health and wellbeing, the things you learn will be so greatly beneficial to your health that you will be just as glad you went to see her as I am now!

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