PCOS and Pregnant

When I found out that starting a family was going to be a little trickier for me due to PCOS, I began the crazy search for ways to help myself get through it. And so down the rabbit hole I went. I heard about Sarah and what she was all about from a Perth fertility podcast, instantly fell in love with her approach and was in awe of what she knew. I booked an appointment with Sarah and couldn’t wait to meet her. From my initial consultation, I knew that this journey was going to be made that bit easier with her in my corner. I felt heard and liked the idea that Sarah was willing to support me on my assisted reproductive journey as I was already doing ovulation induction. I wanted a more holistic approach to my treatment and Sarah definitely helped me with that. We decided to focus on the foods I was eating, cutting out the things that I didn’t need and increasing all the good stuff to get my body ready. Stress was a MASSIVE issue for me so we focused on that as well, using meditation techniques to help slow down my mind and body. (I really did enjoy this part!) Even though it felt daunting to begin with, once I started to see small changes it gave me the nudge to continue… of course with Sarah’s support along the way. Fortunately, with the combination of ovulation induction and Sarah’s advice I managed to fall pregnant. I truly believe that the blend of the two types of treatment are what got me where I wanted to be! So if you’re sitting reading this, looking for reasons why you should see Sarah then stop looking and just meet with her. She is an amazing listener and a wealth of knowledge. She makes you feel welcome, pushing you just enough when needed but never too much to feel uncomfortable. Thank you so much Sarah!

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