The Improvement in my Health is Exceptional

I came to see Sarah because my digestive system was very obviously out of balance. I was constantly in a state of discomfort that manifested in many different ways including bloating, back pain, low energy level and higher stress. Internally I knew the plant based diet I was following was not sustaining my system well but I did not want to give up my firm ideologies.
With frankness, honesty and a wealth of knowledge of how the female body works, Sarah help me navigating my internal conflict to a solution to my discomfort. The change in habits was gradual and seamless and did not require any additional or drastic effort that often sabotage our quest for wellbeing. Some of the adjustments were as simple as paying attention at what time I was eating to make sure I gave my body the time to digest the food. The improvement was exceptional and all the of the symptoms were gone by the end of our journey.
Sarah is knowledgeable, kind hearted, supportive and offers simple, yet very, effective advices of how to better care for our body, mind and spirit though the correct nutrition.

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