8kg weight loss was easy and there’s more to come!

8 kg weight loss testimonial


I just wanted to say a big thanks for all of your support and guidance. I came to see you due to my obsession with eating rubbish and drinking too much which had seen my weight balloon some 12 KG in the past 12 to 18 months. My fitness levels had dropped and had I been an animal I would have probably been put down. I needed to be accountable not only to myself but to an expert who has the knowledge to help.

I have really enjoyed our “changes over time” approach and believe this is the single most important factor in our success to date.

The changes you have guided me through over our time together have been brilliant and they have worked (or are working – more to come). I now have an eagerness to be back in the gym and importantly and without ever feeling like I have been on a diet, the changes to my eating plan has resulted in an 8kg loss so far. There is more to come I know it and as energy increases so does motivation and commitment. My choices when dining out for example are so different yet so good as I move away from my standard meals to “proper food”

Thank you for your ongoing expertise and your encouragement – anyone in the same boat will benefit from your knowledge and spirit.

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