Healed From PCOS and Much More

My journey with my health for the past 12 years has been challenging. In my teenage years, I was struck down by an undiagnosed ‘bug’ which completely abolished my immune system.

I would catch everything going around which lead to numerous specialist appointments and weeks off school and work.  My period was also very irregular; occurring sporadically and rarely more than three times a year.

During one of my many appointments, one of the specialists diagnosed me with PCOS and placed me on the pill and Metformin.At the start of this year, I was feeling run down, exhausted and simply deflated. I decided that I needed to take a holistic approach to my healing and came across Sarah.

Not only have I successfully transitioned off the pill and got my natural cycle back, my digestion and immune system have drastically improved. It’s difficult for me to believe that I haven’t been sick for months, especially during ‘cold and flu’ season!  The skills, nutritional advice and support that Sarah offers to help create a personalized sustainable plan has been priceless.

It’s hard to find the words to explain just how much Sarah has helped me – I am just so grateful for learning how to find balance and manage myself long term.

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