I Finally Healed After 19 Years of an Eating Disorder


So , it was last year in October where right in the midst of recovering from a 19 year battle with an Eating Disorder . That year was the year I decided I coudn’t do it anymore and all parts of me were just physically , mentally and spiritually exhausted . I was desperately searching for someone to help me . As I was studying Health Coaching , I felt that it would be best for my healing as well as my experience in to becoming a Health Coach .

Sarah instantly made me feel welcome and she has been and is a wonderful , loving , compassionate and heartfelt woman and Health Coach . This last year , I have felt completely supported and Sarah knew intuitively exactly what I needed . With a beautiful spiritual practice and the unconditional love and support of Sarah , I have not only fully recovered from this long battle , but I have gone on to be a Health Coach myslef of which I am forever grateful to God for sending me SARAH .

THANK YOU with all my heart Sarah

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