I lost 10kg and got my guns back!

10kg weight loss story
6 months ago I suffered a major life change I realised that over the previous 18months I had let my unhappiness with life and stress get away with my diet and overall wellbeing. My digestive system was a mess, my sleep patterns were terrible and my fitness routine was non-existent.  I sought out the help of Sarah to help me get my body back on track and realised that the one thing I could control was how I felt on the inside which in turn would affect how I felt on the outside.

Some things were common sense by switching one food for another, but other things were more complicated like sleeping patterns and exercise.  Since I’ve had her coaching me I’ve lost 10 kilo’s of weight, I’m looking at food completely differently – my digestive system is better than it’s ever been with no problems whatsoever and I’ve got my guns back!! Yeow! My journey isn’t over yet but the results I’ve got in 6 months make it worth every second spent learning about how I can better myself.

If you’re thinking of using Sarah but are unsure, I would highly recommend her, go have a coffee and just see how she can help –  we spend so much money on things like shoes and booze (ok I do) , but tend to forget about how important our internal well-being is – you won’t regret it!

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