My Immune System and Health are the Best They’ve Ever Been

Initially I went to see Sarah as I was continually having eye infections and lots of mouth ulcers that despite what the GP prescribed nothing was working for me.

I was in denial that I was eating too much bad food, drinking far too much wine and really believed that I was doing all the right things!
How wrong I was , I reached out to Sarah after following her on insta and knowing what she did, I thought it was really worth a shot as I had exhausted most avenues! My journey began in July , I remember at one of my first consults with Sarah, she told me I would start to question or think about things I ate or was doing. I wasn’t sceptical about this but I do remember part of me thinking . “Im not sure about that” . How right she was!

My reason for approaching Sarah was not because of weight loss or dieting. Obviously that has been a bonus but it was because I was feeling so so bad , daily! Yet playing the martyr and struggling on. I love Sarahs approach as she is realistic and knows we all have to live life and be happy, and not denying ourselves of pleasures but with Sarahs guidance and knowledge , and help every step of the way . The journey has felt almost easier…Im not quite sure what her secret is 🙂

With the dietary and lifestyle changes , Sarah has made for me , I can truly say in the 12 weeks I have never felt better , my eye infections have pretty much cleared up and I have so much more energy. Mouth ulcers also (fingers crossed) seem to be a thing of the past.
Sarah helps you every step of the way, she is so in tune and knowledgeable and just the warmest, friendliest lady I have ever met.and I am truly. Grateful. She is the one person who has made me always want to carry on and reassure me that I can keep these changes up, this is not just a temporary fix this is a lifestyle and one I am so glad I have adopted thanks to Sarah

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