My Spark Has Returned

I hadn’t felt 100% for a long time but couldn’t pin-point what the problem was. I was constantly waking tired and feeling fatigued throughout the day. My energy/motivate levels were very low, and I felt as though I had lost my spark. Life was just a struggle.

I had been asked to attend my GP after some routine blood test in which I was informed that my inflammation was quite high, and my iron levels were quite low. My GP advised that I take some iron supplements and reduce sugar/processed foods in my diet.

I didn’t want to take iron supplements and as for my diet I thought I ate pretty well, I’m a meat and 3 veg kinda of gal. I really didn’t know what to do but I knew something wasn’t right. I started googling nutritionist and came across Sarah.

I started seeing Sarah on a weekly basis and she made very small changes to my whole lifestyle. She has an extremely calming nature and I never felt overwhelmed or that I couldn’t do what she had suggested as the changes were just drip feed slowly. I was worried I’d have to eliminate coffee from my diet but when she said I could still have coffee I knew she was the right fit for me!

Once I was on the right track my visits become monthly check-ins. During the 8 months that I was in the care of Sarah she changed my life. My spark had returned! I was sleeping through the night and waking refreshed and ready to start my day, the fog had disappeared. I never felt deprived with my nutrition, in fact the opposite, I was eating more but feeling more satisfied. My skin was glowing and the dark circles under my eyes had disappeared. My hair felt healthy and shiny, and my nails become stronger. My inflammation levels had lowered, and my iron had increase all through some small diet changes. I had also dropped 11 kilos in this time without even trying – it was amazing!

I would highly recommend Sarah, seeing her has been life changing. I work in the Mental Health industry and believe that working with Sarah goes hand in hand with seeing a Psychologist as sleep hygiene, nutrition and all the other amazing things she teaches are the keys to addressing our mental health and overall wellness. I encourage everyone to do yourself a favour and go and see Sarah so you can teach you how to live your very best life!

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