Recurring Sinus Infections Gone, and now I’m Pregnant

I came to see Sarah initially on a recommendation from a friend after years of recurring sinus problems, that were continuing despite having surgery in 2021. I was getting sinus infections at least once a month and had been on constant courses of steroids and antibiotics for years. Since seeing Sarah and changing my diet and habits I have not had one sinus infection or course of antibiotics. I haven’t even had hay fever and I was taking an antihistamine every day for years!

After this miracle, I was on to my next issue which was with fertility. Sarah helped me to look at diet and lifestyle to regulate and nurture my hormones. Just before turning to fertility treatments, I started ovulating on my own and managed to fall pregnant on our first official try.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Sarah enough to anyone who is fed up with their body not behaving as they would like it to.  Sarah is kind and friendly, I feel like I’ve caught up with a best friend after my sessions, and she slowly and confidently helps you to make small changes that have such huge benefits.  So grateful for you!

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