Healed my Inflammation and Lost all the Weight

I decided to reach out to Sarah last year to finally start to work on losing weight and reducing inflammation.  I had been working with a weight loss organisation and despite sticking rigidly to the protocol had actually gained weight instead of lost it.  To be honest their recommendations didn’t resonate with my own health philosophies and after a year of trying, I was getting frustrated.

Working with Sarah instantly felt more in line with my own values around holistic health and finally the weight started to fall off.   I also started to feel a noticeable improvement in my inflammation caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Working with Sarah I have found a way to eat that helps me to maintain my weight at a number I am comfortable with as well as manage my joint pain.  I’ve also stopped rushing through my morning which has been so beneficial to the flow of my day.

I would definitely recommend Sarah ( and have already) to anyone struggling with different life stages and / or health transitions. She is so adept at tailoring programmes to make them more adaptable and viable for each individual person. I think she’s a wonderful health coach!

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