I Have Healed Lifelong Health Issues

My decision to go see Sarah was such a transformational moment in my life.

I have struggled with many health problems from a very young age, and I found it was time I tried to do something about it and seeing Sarah was definitely the right step on my path to healing.

Sarah is the most heart-warming woman I have met, and I knew from my first meeting with her that SHE could help me. I was a bit of a mess going in to see her, lost on what to do about all my health problems and my nervous system needed a serious hand to cope. I feel so lucky that Sarah saw my frustration and felt the call to help me get on the right path.

I have struggled with IBS since I was about 7 years old, having several sick days a year just sitting on the toilet in pure pain for hours on end. My skin had started wreaking havoc on my face and my body was always tired and I could not eat anything without bloating or feeling like crap. My stress levels were severe, I was losing hair and once a month during my cycle I was in agony for a couple of days. After a year working with a strict diet and many tries at new lifestyle choices and different foods, I have finally not had a single day sick at home with cramps on the toilet, my skin has improved so much over the course and my mental health has come a long way. I am no longer a nervous wreck with no idea of how to live and eat well. And to top it all off I am also now 17 weeks pregnant (accidentally), which I don’t think would have happened without the reset to my system. I could not be happier and seeing Sarah’s excited face when I told her was priceless. I seriously could not have asked for a better human to help me get started on my healing journey and a forever soul friend as this woman is pure magic on earth. She is such an inspiration with her broad knowledge, her warmth, her desire to help and willingness to always keep learning.

If you are looking at changing your life and taking charge of your health issues and doing it with the most loving human who has the knowledge and the will to help you in every way she possibly can, do not hesitate seeing Sarah. And if you need a window into who she is, go visit her podcast and Instagram page for so much valuable information.

Thank you so much Sarah, forever grateful for having you come into my life.

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