I Have Never Been So Well


I grew up in a family that understood the fundamentals of good nutrition and a balanced diet, with a focus on whole foods. My mum influenced the way I viewed food as fuel for my body and she had been raised in a family focused on nutrition and fitness; her had the first gymnasiums in Melbourne and her Dad was the coach of the Olympic athletics teams. Health is in my blood… or so I thought for a long time.  Despite this background I struggled with poor health from adolescents. A diagnosis of Coeliac Disease following two pregnancies; 15 plus years of digestive íssues’ ; chronic fatigue; viruses and constant illness at least helped explain most of the health issues I had been experiencing and struggling to overcome. Project forward 10 years after diagnosis and I have hit rock bottom again. I got to the point where I simply didn’t know what to eat, or not eat. Everything I put in my body caused discomfort or an issue of some type. I tried fixing myself (I was a self fixer, I had always been able to ‘fix myself’ with diet and exercise!). But I failed time and time again to fix myself. I was chronically fatigued but couldn’t sleep, was putting on weight and was terribly muddle headed, and on a downward slope to pretty serious depression and anxiety-wondering how on earth I was ever going to feel better and perplexed as to why I couldn’t heal myself this time. What was different? I had tried Veganism, Keto and Paleo in a desperate attempt to find a solution but nothing addressed the root cause of my condition. I reached out to Sarah through Instagram, after following her for quite some time, and viewing the many positive reviews she shares with her followers.
I am writing this review about a year after I first started seeing Sarah. The interesting thing about writing a review so far out from my initial appointments is that I can write them in a more balanced and thoughtful way (for me). I saw Sarah over the course of about 8 months. She approached my health in a way that no other health professional has, and with a consideration for multiple lifestyle and environmental factors, as well as what I was eating and my Coeliac autoimmune condition. Sarah fixed me. And when I say this, I don’t mean she gave me some magic pill and suddenly my life improved. I worked under Sarah’s guidance for this period and she addressed my health issues from various angles; with humour, good grace and a depth of knowledge and experience, that left me feeling very confident in her abilities to help me heal. I think the greatest feature of working with Sarah is that she gives you the tools and understanding to help you fix yourself. This is the greatest result and gift that I received – the ability to understand some of the underlying health issues I experience as someone with an autoimmune condition and the steps I need to take on a daily basis to stay healthy and support my immune system. No magic pill but certainly something more valuable and significant-the ability to health thyself! One year on from my sessions with Sarah and I can honestly say, I have never been so well. Even though I work in a labor intensive job and for long hours, I am still able to recover from work and enjoy my life. My immunity is amazing and my resilience blows my mind. My mental health is good and I know how to keep myself in this state. What a fabulous gift.
I heartily recommend Sarah’s services to anyone seeking to understand their body and seeking a life where wellness is prioritised and nurtured. See Sarah; follow her advice; be open to change and let her show you what true health and well being look and feels like!

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