I Improved my Health Naturally and now I’m Pregnant

I first came to see Sarah after finding out I had Hashimotos which was affecting my thyroid and my cycle.  At the time I was feeling extremely flat, foggy and unmotivated and knew I needed to make some changes but didn’t know where to start.

During my time with Sarah she has given me so much advice and guidance on diet, health, sleep and just general wellbeing that has been life changing.

I really needed someone that could hold me accountable to make the right changes which Sarah did in a positive and reassuring way and I never felt judged which I had at other places in the past.

Even after just a couple of weeks of implementing diet and sleep changes my gut had improved, I had more energy, brain clarity and a positive outlook. Now looking back I can see how down I really was and what an improvement it’s made.

Sarah taught me the right things to eat to have balance in my diet, I was eating almost double the calories but I was losing weight which was amazing.

Before seeing Sarah my cycle was all over the place. After just 2 months it started to get back on track and then I fell pregnant! I just know everything she taught me got my body in the best place to conceive – I am so thankful!

I have already told friends about Sarah. She is truly an amazing person and has given me the tools to improve all aspects of my health naturally. I love her holistic approach and the way she delivers information isn’t overwhelming at all, she makes you feel so motivated to stick with it. This is a rare thing for me as usually I fall off the bandwagon or lose interest.

Her advice is invaluable if you are wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve your body, health and mind.

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