I just feel so much better and even younger.

When I first came to see Sarah my body was in a state of constant pain.  I would wake every morning feeling as if I had done a rigorous workout the day prior.  I was exhausted, had chronic GERD and was carrying an extra 10kg that made me feel swollen all the time. I just didn’t feel right.  Working with Sarah, I learned how to eat to help to balance my blood sugar which improved my hormones, mood and even stress levels.  My digestion completely healed (no GERD at all) and the weight fell off too.  I now actually don’t even care about the number, I just FEEL so much better.  So much so that I was able to tackle a new career, one that I would never have imagined possible for me.
I would recommend Sarah to anyone who was feeling like they needed to make a change but seemed to lack the next step.


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