I Was 51 and Feeling 101!


Health begins with diet and lifestyle

I went to see Sarah after experiencing three major health issues in one year – hyperthyroid, whooping cough and

glandular fever. I was beyond tired, suffering ongoing urticarial rash, not sleeping well, overweight and raging

hormones. I am 51 and was feeling 101!

I was taking huge amounts of antihistamine and other medications to combat the rash and was feeling really


I was looking for a holistic way of improving my health and I knew I needed help and support to sort through

the barrage of health options which are out there.

Sarah gradually changed my diet, removing all inflammatory type foods – slowly at first and then somewhat

cold turkey! I was initially resistant to removing foods that I have always loved, however over time I came to

realise the health benefits I was feeling once I had done so. If I slip up my body reminds me what I should be

doing and why I am doing it.

Over the 12 weeks I was able to reduce and then stop all my medications. Sarah assisted me to relax/meditate

and reduce my stress load. My sleep has improved and I now have so many tips on how to restore my sleep

pattern if it goes off again. I lost 6kg and many people comment on how good my skin looks now. No rash but

obviously healthy as well.

My energy levels improved hugely and whilst not quite back to ‘normal’ I am vastly improved. I liked the way

goals were set and reviewed over time. Sarah is a great listener and her advice is always backed up with

knowledge of the body and how it functions.

If you have health issues that you want a natural, holistic resolution for I would highly recommend Sarah. She

offers individual solutions and mindful ways of improving your overall health.

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