Marathon Runner Achieves Health Goals

 I run Marathon’s and found that with running an average of 80 kilometres a week over the last 3 ½ years that I was still trying hard to reduce my weight, especially for races. I was provided Sarah’s details from a friend of mine who had been constantly on my back about my diet, which made me eat less as I could not lose weight!

I had my biggest race of my life, the Boston Marathon coming up in 6 weeks and was injured so could not target specific training to keep my pace to where I wanted it to be, so thought if I could lose some weight for the race I could run more efficient as long as I did not lose energy.Sounds like a big ask, so I finally listened to my friend and went to see Sarah.

Working with Sarah, we devised a specific plan to help me achieve my goal. She helped me understand why I needed to make some changes and how these related to my running goal. I was more importantly kept accountable with a food diary and regular weekly catch ups leading up to the race to ensure that I could drop weight, but also to feedback on how I felt with my runs, especially the long run.

Sarah also educated me on my bowel and stomach to explain why eating certain things were doing what they were doing and how chemicals were not helping my recovery of my muscles therefore not helping my injuries either. She also spent time in stretching and relaxation techniques which helps both mind and recovery.

I went from ~74kg (at end of most weekends would be 75kg) to 68kg in the six weeks but more importantly felt better in my running and no loss of energy, in fact felt better and slept a lot better.

I am now far more conscious of healthy eating and so much so the four weeks holiday after Boston, I was more conscious of my eating (not anal) but also ate a lot of fast food (in the USA)  whilst away and still came back from holidays at 72.8kg and after one week down to 70.5kg with just going back to the same eating control and having two lunches out!

Benefits are obvious as you can see along with having my wife Lisa, do the same and our 4 girls eat better too!

If you are trying to lose weight, eat better, sleep better, feel better, set an example for family/children, stop wasting money on fads and gym memberships that never last then you should see Sarah and commit to 2 months at least of seeing her every week and I guarantee that you will see a result and change for the better.

Obviously ‘you must want to’ and you need to do what Sarah says and you must own this process and buy the food, but it is one of the best investments for myself and my family that I have ever made and when you think of the cost versus benefits of throwing money away at gyms and fads this is bloody good value.

Also at the end of the day Sarah made it easy, she was not judgemental and is very approachable and likeable and I felt totally at ease.




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