My Hormones Are Healthy and Now I’m Pregnant.

I moved from the USA to Angola and was having a very hard time with major digestive issues, problems with energy, food, hormone imbalance and had struggled to conceive for years. I was given Sarah’s details and reached out to her hoping she could help me. I didn’t know what to expect at first with Sarah being in Perth and myself now in Africa, but honestly this was the best decision I ever made.
We started with some weekly video calls and assessed and went over so many different topics. Her approach to health and wellness is second to none. She has such a positive attitude and her lack of judgement helped me on my path to a better lifestyle and to become the best version of myself. Knowing I was accountable to Sarah, really made me implement many changes in my diet and the way I looked at food, but more importantly, these changes have helped with my hormone balance and I can finally say I’M HAVING A BABY!!
I can’t thank her enough for all her help and guidance and I would 100% recommend anyone that is struggling or just needs a reset to contact Sarah!

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