Thanks for Helping me to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

I came to see Sarah, as I had heard she was amazing at supporting women through their pregnancy journey’s. I wanted to live the healthiest lifestyle possible while I was pregnant, to give my baby the best start to life. Even though I was very sick in my first trimester, Sarah was so positive and gave me such helpful advice. She recommended diet changes in order to make me feel better. Sarah was extremely supportive throughout this time and she reassured me that even though I was struggling to keep down nutritious foods, that the baby would be absolutely fine. Sarah suggested a lot of useful lifestyle changes which helped with my sleep, energy and general well-being. Sarah also gave my husband and I some fabulous birth tips, which made me feel more at ease about my birth. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs support in falling pregnant or throughout their pregnancy journey. She has a wealth of knowledge, is super kind and supportive and really cares for her clients.

Thanks again for helping me throughout my journey Sarah.

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