Weight loss, Energy and a Renewed Passion for Life

Sarah made me a smaller person;
With Sarah’s help I was able to make sensible holistic adjustments to my diet that gave me all the essentials whilst getting all the “crap” out of my eating habits. This sensible eating plan was the foundation for my weight loss of over 25 kgs.
Sarah made me a bigger person;
Sarah showed me there were things in my life that I couldn’t change and wasn’t responsible for. Sarah guided me through a massive change in my life and attitudes, never judging, always listening, and simply caring. The reason I am the person I am today is a huge reflection of Sarah’s ability to offer logical reasoning on life’s challenges.
Sarah made me a stronger person;
Sarah developed a structured exercise routine that gave my body the opportunity to cope and protect an old back injury that had plagued my life for over 15 years. I went from daily strong painkilling medications to virtually nothing in a little over 2 months with Sarah’s core strength program.
Sarah made me a challenge;
In the short time that Sarah and I have worked together she has helped me change some things in my life that I had believed weren’t possible. Everyday I find myself feeling better for these changes that we have instilled into my life.
Sarah made me the person I want to be;
Sarah has helped me to rediscover an energy and passion for all of life’s fantastic opportunities. She is a Superstar and I am privileged to call her a friend.

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