My Blood Glucose Levels are now Within the Range of Someone Without Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes sugar levels managed through diet and lifestyle
An amazing transformation
An amazing transformation

I came to see Sarah about three months ago as I was referred to her by my trainer Emma. From my late teens I have had a history of stomach issues and have seen numerous specialists, had many tests and been prescribed many medications with little to no change. Being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over a year ago motivated me to put more emphasis on my health.

I had been training for a number of years with different trainers trying different ‘diets’ with no significant gains. Since seeing Sarah I have seen the following specific gains:

– Marked improvement in my digestion reducing bloating, acid reflux and stomach pain
– Increased energy levels not only throughout the day but during training
– An achieved long term goal of reducing body fat below 10% attained in a far shorter timeframe than anticipated
– Reduction of HbA1c (average glucose levels over a 3 month period) to 5.7% which is within the range of someone without diabetes!

Apart from all the physical gains I have achieved the education I have received, thus far from Sarah, has given me a total new enthusiasm for food and a way of life which previously I would have considered an inconvenience. I am more motivated, have clarity of thought and excited about what is yet to be achieved.

I was once told, from a business perspective, that to succeed you must surround yourself with an ‘A Team’ of people. I have come to the realisation that this is also true from a personal perspective and Sarah is certainly part of my ‘A Team’.

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