My Cleanse Diet

As I mentioned in my previous post I have started a 60 day cleanse. The cleanse comes with a supplement protocol that helps remove the body of toxins and other nasties during this period however does not have a specific dietary protocol.

Whilst I believe that this cleanse is very effective in removing any fungal and parasite infections, my research has also led me to believe that nutritional support in cleansing is super powerful. So I am teaming my cleanse with an anti – fungal diet from the book The Fungal Link by Doug Kaufmann. The book explains in detail how common fungal infections are in modern day society. It also explains how powerful they can be. In my previous post I outline some of the more common side effects. In order to remove them effectively you really need to “starve” them. Sugar and carbohydrate allow the yeast and fungus to proliferate and so these foods need to be eliminated entirely for a period of at least 21 days. I will be following this part of the diet for 30 days.

The following foods are to be consumed freely
– Organic and free range meat, seafood and poultry
– Raw nuts including pecans, walnuts, cashews and pumpkin seeds.
– Most above ground vegetables
– Limited fruit – berries, green apples, lemons, limes, fresh coconut, avocado
– Eggs
– Some dairy – butter, yoghurt, unsweetened whipping cream, real sour cream
– herbal teas, bottled/filtered water, freshly pressed vegetable juices
– Apple cider vinegar
– Olive, grape, flax seed and cold pressed coconut oil
– Sweeteners – stevia & xylitol

Now for what must be eliminated
– Sugars – all sugars except for those mentioned above including artificial sweeteners
– Fruit – most fruit except those mentioned above
– Dairy – milk, cheeses, sweetened yoghurts etc
– Coffee, tea, sodas, caffeinated beverages
– Vegetables – mushrooms, corn, potatoes & legumes (peas & beans)
– Grains – including pasta, bread, gluten free products, rice, corn, amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, oats and barley
– Yeast – alcohol, bread, mushrooms
– Vinegars – pickles, salad dressings, green olives, soy sauce
– Oils – partially hydrogenated oils, corn and peanut oil
– Nuts – peanuts (not really a nut, a legume) & all peanut products, pistachios

Today is day 10 and I have already noticed a LOT of improvements – I am sleeping longer and more soundly, awaking even more refreshed. My digestion and elimination has improved and I am no longer craving sweet things after my meals.

In coming posts I will share some “cleanse friendly” recipes.

Feel free to comment with any questions you might have. xx


  1. Andrea

    This is great. I had been working on something similar but broke it when I got detox symptoms like migraines and really fatigued… Simply because I didn’t have the mental space to think about preparing food.

    I have a question though, you’ve placed quinoa in with grains. I was under the impression that since it is the seed of a species of gooseberry fruit, that its a safe ‘grain’. Is this not so?

  2. Shopkins

    Great question Andrea! Quinoa actually possesses saponins which can have similar qualities to the anti nutrients of other grains. Some quinoa is washed industrially to remove the saponins or you can do this at home by washing the grains until the water runs clear. I would personally use some caution when consuming quinoa given the potential to cause gastro intestinal upset and pay attention to how your digestion feels after consuming.

  3. Carmela Lacey

    Sarah, thankyou so much for you guidance on this subject and all thing health! I have spoken at length with my husband who has all the symptoms you described and took it upon himself to delve deeper into the subject. He found out that candida has a direct link to anxiety, panic, depression and fear of the future, all emotions he has been having to deal with. So thank YOU, thank you for putting us into the direction to not only improve health but also to change some ones life! With love and gratitude.

  4. JM

    Every time I visit Sarah I feel totally inspired. I am on a journey and Sarah is inspirational in her advice and counsel. I am about to embark on my first detox and daily life without coffee for the first time ever!!! Sarah has been assisting me with sorting a life time of sleep deprivation and it is comforting to know she is just an email, blog or phone call away should I need some words of wisdom. I will let you all know how I feel at the end of my detox! 🙂 Thank you Sarah, you’re a shining light. xxx

  5. Henna

    whenever these cleanses prohibit teas, I wonder if that is specifically tea leaves, or herbal teas too. the the Fungal Link say anything about this or have you heard any info?

  6. Shopkins

    Hi Henna,

    The cleanse only prohibits standard tea, not herbal teas. You can drink as much herbal tea as you like. The cleanse actually includes a combination of herbs that are anti parasitic/fungal in nature.

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