I No Longer Just Get Through, I Live!!!!

I was referred to Sarah by a friend and I have to say it was the best advice I have EVER received!

When I first went to see Sarah, it’s fair to say that I was literally “going through the motions of each day”.  At the time I was taking anti depressants for my anxiety, eating on the run and feeling totally exhausted all day.  The main motivation to see Sarah was because not only was I gaining weight but I had started to lose a lot of my hair and none of the health professionals I had seen could explain why.

I did not believe Sarah when she told me that we could improve my energy, body and hair growth with diet and lifestyle but I thought I would give it a try anyway, what did I have to lose?

The first thing that we uncovered was that the medication I was taking was causing the hair loss and weight gain.  Working with my nutrition, managing stress, sleep and lifestyle we began a program to remove the medication. I’m pleased to say that I am completely off the anti depressants and have learnt how to manage all stress in my life so I feel confident I will not ever have to use them again.

Since seeing Sarah I feel I have totally transformed my life. I was never one to eat Breakfast and lunch and dinner were always eaten on the run. I always thought I ate well but now I actually eat better and I enjoy every meal. I’m even loving exercise, something I never thought I would say.

I no longer just get through, I live!!!! With Sarah’s help and guidance I feel the best I have felt in years, not only am I off all medication but I’ve also lost 13kg. I’m lighter now than I was before I had kids.  Sarah has taught me so much and I cant thank her enough

Without a doubt I would recommend Sarah to all of my friends and family, in fact I have already done so and will continue to. Sarah is my guru!

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