My Experience With Sarah Was Brief But Empowering!

Testimonial describing success in coaching with Sarah Hopkins


I began my journey with Sarah about 9 weeks ago. I was looking to climb the summit of getting over my health issues, as my husband would put it. I had been in a tug of war with IBS for a number of years and I had found myself in the confusing and uneasy stage of my body attacking itself, my weight becoming out of control and my health just not making any sense. I needed help, I was beginning to drown in a sense of confusion.

I had heard of Sarah through mutual acquaintances and I had read the testimonials posted on Sarah’s web page blog. My main aim was to heal without using an armful of suppliments and without having to rely on my health professional to feel normal over many years.

The benefits of my time with Sarah’s help have been exponential. I have changed some fundemental elements of my diet, as well as the timing of my meals and I have noticed my bad habits and food crutches. My quality and quantity of sleep has improved. My issues with anxiety, body aches and having a foggy brain have all but resolved. My digestion issues, the discomfort and the unpredictability of it have disappeared while following my new dietary plan. And the icing, my weight has leveled out and now match my diet.

My experience with Sarah has been brief and it has been empowering. The commitment to change was so easy with Sarah, no question was unanswered and I felt confident knowing she was giving me the tools to not only get better but to stay healthy once she felt I could make the journey with my health by myself.

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