Health starts on the inside

Health starts on the inside

I started seeing Sarah over 12 months ago. When I realised I had had almost continuous Diarrhoea for 6 months or longer I knew that I had to drastically change my life.

Meeting Sarah for the first time was wonderful. She totally got what I was saying and was able to give me something real, not easy but real and promising to heal my gut and then body.

Autoimmune Protocol is not for the faint hearted or as My Rheumatologist said “hardcore” when I told him why I was feeling so much better. But AIP has been so beneficial to my husband and I. Kent

has benefitted with improvements in his gut health, sleeping better, more energy and minimising his eczema. Sarah has encouraged me every step.

I have stopped taking Anti-Inflammatories, reflux meds, tapering off Cymbalta and the BIG one stopped taking Methotrexate with my Rheumy’s support. My Rheumy keeps saying to me whatever you are

doing keep doing it. My blood test results are the best they have been in years and my symptoms from Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia are greatly reduced.

I have recommended Sarah to several people for many different reasons. Sarah listens, has great advice and knowledge and has walked her own healing path so has wonderful empathy.