Healing Hot Chocolate

This recipe was inspired by a chocolate creation of the smoothie kind, created by one of my wonderful friends Bronte from The Wellness Recipe I love the fact that my life is filled to the brim with so many inspiring people and Bronte is one of the best. I put this together after seeing her smoothie recipe and it really evolved without much measuring but I’m sharing it here at the request of another beautiful friend so feel free to add your artistic licence to it.

The Beautiful Bronte (and me)

This chocolately elixir is filled to the brim with gut and whole body healing ingredients. Cacao for it’s micronutrient density as well as antioxidant profile. Tumeric has great anti bacterial qualities. Cinnamon balances blood sugar and grass fed gelatine heals the gut and eases digestion. I chose to use cashew nut milk for it’s creaminess and healthy hormone promoting qualities but raw dairy milk or any other type of nut milk would work too.

Gut Healing Hot Chocolate


1 teaspoon raw cacao
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 T Great Lakes Gelatine
1/4 cup of cashew milk (home made of course)
Sweetener of your choice, my favourite is stevia or honey. Add as little or as much as you need.

Add all ingredients to your preferred mug, adding boiled water to fill half the mug. Top up with warmed nut milk. Enjoy.


  1. Bronte

    The feeling is mutual beautiful. I cannot wait to try this delicious treat! So much goodness in one simple cuppa. xxxxx B

  2. Karlie

    Hi Sarah,
    I would love to make this hot chocolate but I don’t have a recipe to make cashew milk? Can you please provide this 🙂
    Thanks very much!

  3. Shopkins

    Hi Karlie, check out this youtube video where I show you how easy it is –

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