Healthy Fats

Healthy Home Made Aioli

Fat is such a contentious issue these days!  For a long time, we thought we needed to minimise the consumption of all fats, more recently we discovered certain fats were good and others were bad.  Even more recently it turns … Read More

A Healthy Body in Preparation for Baby

I originally went to see Sarah because my husband and I were trying to fall pregnant and I wanted to be as healthy as I possibly could. She has provided me with ways to improve my diet that would help … Read More

Chicken Liver Pâté

Chicken Liver Pâté

Organ meats are one of the healthiest foods available for us to eat and yet they are not often on the menu these days.  Our ancestors intuitively understood the importance of this nutrient dense food with most indigenous tribes prizing … Read More

Healthy Christmas Treats

With the indulgences of Christmas just around the corner I wanted to share some healthy recipes with you from one of my favourite blogs.  It’s called Mark’s Daily Apple and has some amazing information and also recipes. The below spice … Read More