I Now Don’t Need to Take Progesterone

I first came to see Sarah three months ago after listening to season 1 & 2 of the Elevate podcast and reading some of her amazing testimonials on Instagram.
I was tired, teary, and struggling with my health. Since coming of hormonal birth control in 2016 I have suffered from severe hormonal imbalance, heavy periods and PMS. On top of this I had chronic UTI’s and an ongoing iron deficiency. I felt defeated.
Sarah changed my life! Together we implemented small changes that made a huge difference. I immediately felt better and continue to do so. I feel happy, I have energy again and my stress levels are under control. I now understand the importance of sleep hygiene make rest a priority.
Yesterday, after reviewing blood tests my doctor told me my progesterone levels were back to normal after stopping my supplement.  And I had my first healthy 28 day cycle and normal bleed since coming of the pill! This is HUGE for me and what I have been working towards for the past three years.
My UTIs are a work in progress but with Sarah’s support I have no doubt that in time they too will be healed. Honestly, I wish I had found Sarah sooner and I cannot recommend her enough. She is extremely knowledgeable but also funny and kind. I am very grateful to have met her ❤

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