Maximising my Health, Fertility and Pregnancy

I started seeing Sarah early in 2022 with fertility and pregnancy in mind as my partner and I had just started IVF to conceive. With both of us being over 40, I was acutely aware that I needed some support to make sure I was maximizing my health through the process. During the first couple of sessions, Sarah did a full review of my diet and lifestyle, which resulted in some changes to eating times and types of regular foods and also generally raised awareness of some of the things that could be problematic for hormones and fertility. Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable, and I felt comfortable that her suggestions were well-informed and worth putting into place.
By the 3rd or 4th session with Sarah, I found out I was pregnant and so our sessions turned more to pregnancy care and how to navigate first and second-trimester symptoms. She has been incredibly supportive through the pregnancy and given some great advice on aspects to keep things going smoothly. So far, its been a very uneventful pregnancy! I’m looking forward to continuing to improve my diet and lifestyle based on Sarahs advice, knowing the more effort I put in the better I will feel.  Id recommend seeing Sarah if you want a holistic view of health and personalised advice that will get you feeling your best.

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