Re-gaining my Health and Conceiving Naturally


After many years of yo-yo dieting and not being able to fall pregnant, I decided that I needed a holistic approach to weight loss, which is where I found Sarah.
I started my journey with her purely for weight loss and for her to challenge my previous views on eating and overall wellbeing, which she did.

In a matter of only 4 months, I had lost 5 kilo’s, significantly improved my digestion, moods, energy levels, sleep and other things you don’t even realise like skin, hair, nails had all improved and no more brain fog and no more feeling hungry all the time!! The biggest and most amazing accomplishment for me was after years of trying to fall pregnant and a month before I was scheduled to commence IVF, I conceived naturally and am now going through a healthy pregnancy.

Sarah, thank you for your passion and immense knowledge of all things health, it’s changed my way of thinking and I am so grateful. For anyone not sure about their next step in their weight loss or fertility journey, I can highly recommend Sarah, she will change your life!

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