Healing Osteoporosis has Improved Everything Else Too.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis ten years ago and my levels had dropped drastically, so the Doctor told me I had to have the injection twice a year. When I looked up the side effects from the drug I thought well, if the osteoporosis doesn’t kill me the drug will!
I was introduced to Sarah 6 months ago by my Daughter and her Fianc√©. I was very sceptical when I first met Sarah. I thought her program looked like a weight loss program and how on earth is that going to help my bones? Well, six months later all of my blood levels are increased and I feel “amazing”. I had to change my diet for my body to absorb my nutrients and in doing that I have lost some weight in places that I never thought I could. It was hard in the beginning, I but it’s become my lifestyle.
Thank you Sarah for taking care of me, I no longer take any reflux medication or any other medication which I took after every meal. It’s seems slow in the beginning but be patient she knows what she is talking about and it works. I would recommend Sarah to my friends.

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