I Wanted to Gain More Knowledge for my Personal Training Clients!


A healthier Trainer

I came to see Sarah because after hearing her talk publicly, I wanted to hear more about what she had to say. I liked her mindset and that she did not agree with the “food pyramid” which the authorities are trying to tell us is healthy. I wanted to gain more knowledge for my PT clients, using myself as a guinea pig.

I am now coffee (caffeine), dairy and gluten free. I no longer graze throughout the day as I used to but eat substantial meals. I have introduced more healthy protein and fat into my diet and I am enjoying this new way of eating. Because of these changes I now have a lot more energy, don’t suffer with digestive problems and my sleep is so much better. My change in diet has also helped my hormones, which means other areas of my life have improved too.

I wish everyone I know was as passionate about health & nutrition as I am and was willing to hear about the benefits of a lifestyle change. I would definitely encourage people who are interested to “give it a go”. I would guarantee that they would feel better and have a much healthier lifestyle.

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