It seems a lot of people see me as having a very busy life yet somehow managing to fit in ALL of the things… here’s the thing, I definitely don’t! So I’m calling bullsh*t on balance.  I will, however, share the ways that I manage to maintain my wellbeing whilst juggling running my business, my husband’s business, my household, being a Mum, and basically, all the other things that magically seem to fall onto my to-do list.

  1. Create a routine. Personally, I find that if I do things at roughly the same time, with a sense of ritual or routine, it helps with consistency.  Most days I exercise in the morning, meditate at lunchtime, clean a little in the evening.  Doing these things at these times daily means they have become habits that ultimately make my life better/easier.  If you want to hear more about my rituals, click here to listen.
  2. Get organised.  I run a pretty tight ship and the only way I can do that is by being organised.  This might mean planning out what I am going to pack in my son’s lunchbox for the week or even writing a to-do list for things I need to fit in (after a while, this becomes part of the routine too and to-do lists are unnecessary).  Spring cleaning and decluttering help with this too as a clean and organised space helps me to feel organised.  If you want to hear more about how to create this type of environment, click here.
  3. Boundaries.  I used to be the type of person who said yes to everything.  My calendar was full to the brim with catch-ups, walks, dinners, and everything in between.  After a weekend I was typically exhausted from running around catching up with a gazillion different people.  Now I’m MUCH more likely to say NO.  In fact, I’m mainly a NO, I will do 1-2 things max on a weekend and most of the time, try not to do anything on a weeknight.  This enables me to prioritise healthy eating, sleep, organising, cleaning, working, and anything else that I need to do.  I credit this creation of healthy boundaries with being the most powerful lever in my overall wellbeing.
  4. Delegate. When I was in the corporate sector, I was so good at delegating.  I knew when something wasn’t my strength and was happy to find someone who could support me.  In the first few years of my business (and actually even as a Mum) I felt like I had to do it all by myself.  Finally, something had to give and I learned to hand over some of my responsibilities.  Gaining time back by delegating to my Virtual Assistant and other people who help me with my business has enabled me to focus on what I do best.  To me, there is nothing more valuable than time.  Sometimes it’s as simple as reaching out to ask for help, most people would LOVE to be asked.

Listen to our much-loved podcast Elevate, where my co-host Amanda and I talk about balance.

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