Post Cleanse – My results

It has been nearly a week since I finished my 60 day cleanse so I thought it was time I shared a summary of my experience.  What seemed to be quite a challenging exercise has proven to be not only easy but also thoroughly successful (in my opinion). Here’s the things I noticed  that improved over the 2 months –

  • Digestion – As I have mentioned in previous posts healthy digestion is imperative to good health.  For me personally, digestion was and possibly always will be a “work in progress”.  As a young adult I had a lot of problems with my digestive system and it has taken a lot of time and bone broth (among other things) to start to heal this system.  Whilst on the cleanse, I noticed that I was eliminating better and more regularly.  Without taking any other supplements (including Apple cider vinegar) I felt that my body was better equipped to digest the food it was provided with.
  • Bloating – The first 30 days of my cleanse I followed a strict anti – fungal diet and after about a week on this protocol I noticed a marked difference in the way my body was retaining fluid.  I have a fairly flat stomach normally but realised that there was definitely a low level of abdominal bloating occurring as this disappeared completely.  I am happy with my body composition and am lucky that I am a relatively lean person but I also noticed that I became somewhat leaner, my skinny jeans were just a little looser, stomach flatter, slight abdominal definition a more defined, arms leaner…
  • Skin – Week one and two of the cleanse my skin broke out with lots of small pimples and blackheads as well as some larger ones around my chin – not cool! But about week three my skin completely cleared up and even improved in texture and colour.  I could be imagining it but I feel like there are slightly less fine lines than there was before and someone close to me even asked me if I had had some work done!! (the answer is of course no!)
  • Eyes – I thought my eyes were pretty clear, but according to my partner there was a yellow tinge in the white of the eyes which has now completely gone.  Eyes are clear, white and bright.
  • Focus – While I definitely had a lag in my energy levels initially which stymied my motivation, in the last month or so I’ve noticed my focus has improved markedly.  Tasks are completed in a shorter than expected time period and I have achieved a few things I initially didn’t think were possible.  This in turn has created more amazing opportunities!
  • Meditation – Like most human beings, my meditation is a practice and sometimes feels impossible.  Whilst on the cleanse (after the initial few weeks) I found I was able to sit longer in meditation and was also more compelled to incorporate it in to my daily routine.
  • Exercise – In the last month or so I have noticed that my level of strength has improved.  I attribute this to an improved energy system.  My endurance has also improved, making running or sprinting more effective and enjoyable.
  • Blood sugar – I love a sweet treat as much as the next person and to be honest, it’s a habit that I am reluctant to break but I notice that since doing the anti – fungal cleanse I do not crave sweet things nearly as often as I used to.  Sometimes I have to check in with myself as I find myself reaching for something sweet (healthy of course) out of habit only.  It’s actually quite a strange feeling as I have always had a “sweet tooth” and needed something sweet at the end of each meal.
  • Appetite – Like my blood sugar handling, my apetite feels like it has stabilised.  There have been a few occasions where I have been out with friends and half way through a meal that would have been easy for me to finish, I’m completely full.  I have been reducing my portion sizes slightly and adding more if I need to after I have allowed my body to digest a little.  I definitely cannot eat as much as I could before the cleanse.
  • Sleep – it is something that I impress upon my clients constantly, since it’s such an important part of health and wellness.  Whilst on the cleanse I noticed my sleep was deeper and more energising.  I awoke more often than not feeling refreshed and adequately rested.
  • Compliments – Ok who doesn’t love a compliment? Since I started this cleanse, I don’t think I’ve ever had as many compliments.  People that know me well and those that only know me a little are going out of their way to tell me that I am “glowing” or that I look “amazing” or “so healthy”.  Quite a few people have said that I look “the best I’ve ever looked”….You gotta be happy with that!!!

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