From The Bottom of My Heart, Thankyou!


I came to see Sarah Hopkins after a family member met her at fermentation classes and suggested she may be of help to me.

I was overwhelmed by my health problems having tried and failed to put things right by myself. Although I thought I knew what needed to be done, I needed some help to get it happening.
I had been struggling with a connective tissue disorder for many years. Symptoms including pain, stiffness and inflammation. I was also carrying excess weight and having post menopausal symptoms.

After 8 sessions with Sarah over a period of 3 months I have seen significant improvements in mobility, sleep patterns and digestion. My muscle and soft tissue feels so much more normal and I have lost more than 7kgs. Foods causing inflammation have been identified and removed from my diet and I now know how to maintain and improve my health. I have been guided and encouraged down the path to wellness by a delightful, caring person whom I can thoroughly recommend. And Sarah Hopkins is just the kind of helping hand I needed.

From the bottom of my heart, thankyou Sarah!

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