My Food Journey

I can’t remember when I started dieting, I guess it must’ve been when I was very young in high school, back in Colombia, where we are raised as women to look great, but taught to take shortcuts to do so (surgery, diets and massages), it is all about body image on the outside without worrying about the inside.

Last year, I went through probably the hardest year of my life, I went through a divorce and had to figure out my life on my own, with very little money and a very big broken heart, and on top of it all, my unhealthy hate/love relationship with food was haunting me and bringing me down. I felt weak and lost!

I had been taking appetite suppressants for years and had an unhealthy diet and outlook towards life, however, that all seems to have magically disappeared since I started seeing Sarah – I feel like a new woman, a strong determined confident woman, I look at food differently and enjoy it responsibly, and without binging or punishing myself – Exercise and healthy eating aren’t a chore anymore but a way of life, one that I love and embrace.

But It is so much more than the food, I could write a book to tell you how life-changing this process has been, if I look back to before and after I started my process with Sarah you wouldn’t recognise me, in fact, it is hard for me and my friends to recognise me now, but I’m without a shadow of a doubt the happiest and strongest I’ve ever been. THANK YOU for the journey it’s been a blast!!

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