3 Steps to Creating a Mindset for Success

Having worked as a health coach for over 8 years, I’ve had lots of experience working with all sorts of health issues and conditions.  I’ve helped people overcome everything from stubborn weight to chronic autoimmune conditions and everything in between, but when it comes to achieving health goals there is one thing in common with every single successful client I see.  Do you know what it is?  It’s mindset.

The more I delve into the psychology of behaviour change, the more interested and intrigued I am by this process.  Why is it that some people can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges with their health and life and others struggle to do the simple things that will help them shift those few stubborn kilos? The answer is their mindset.  How people feel and what they believe is possible for them is the difference between wanting to see a change and actually achieving it.

So whilst sorting out any underlying causes of ‘dis-ease’ are still the foundations of what I do, I find myself delving more and more into helping people to get the right mindset for change, so they can manifest what they desire.  I want to share my top 3 strategies to help create a mindset for success – whatever that looks like for you.

  1. Know What You Want.  When I work with my clients, the first thing we get clear is exactly what they are trying to achieve.  If you don’t have a clear goal in mind it’s near impossible to achieve it.  Being VERY specific with the goal helps to clarify the end result.
  2. Know The Why.  Oftentimes people come to see me and they have a very big health issue but when they tell me what they want to achieve it’s to simply overcome the issue.  Whilst this seems to be the obvious response, what is even more powerful to focus on, is the bigger WHY.  For instance, if someone is very overweight and wants to lose the weight, if they focus on the goal being the weight loss alone, their commitment will not be as strong as if they were to focus on the fact that they want to be able to play with their child, or walk with their partner, or live to see their children have children.  Looking at the deeper, more meaningful reasons behind the goal and focussing on those will significantly improve the likelihood of achievement.
  3. See It To Believe It. Did you know that we are constantly telling our subconscious mind to create our reality? If we have a dialogue that is negative, our physiology literally responds in kind with more of the same.  If someone feels fat and tired, the likelihood is that they are telling their own body all day, every day, that they are fat and tired…guess what, they are manifesting for their reality? Being overweight and exhausted.  Creating a new conversation around the subconscious mind can be tricky, so my favourite tool for this is visualisation.  Either imagining the way you wish to look and feel for a few minutes every day or creating a vision board with images of what you want.  This is literally telling your subconscious mind to create new positive things that you desire. You can do this with all areas of your life and the results are nothing short of profound!

Are you ready to change? I hope this helps to clarify how you can get closer to your dream body/health/life.

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